About Us

Why Is This Product Exceptional?


Throughout history and unknown to most, nail polish has excluded many.


I'm Hira Paracha, founder of Aura Beauty By Hira. As a Muslim women, I understand this void first hand. 


I have worked with many chemists to formulate an all inclusive line of nail polishes. 

There is not another product quite like Hawa Dar!


Hawa Dar Halal Nail Polish, means breathable in Urdu, my mother tongue.


I created  Hawa Dar breathable peel off nail polishes keeping my Muslim friends, hardworking people with time constraints, children, odor and allergy sensitivities, and the environment in mind. 

All-inclusive for my lovelies!


  • Hawa Dar polishes are H20 and 02 permeable, allowing Muslim people to wear polishes with confidence without feeling like they are compromising their faith for Luxury. 
  • Hawa Dar polish is a quick dry easy to use formula perfect for ON-THE-GO people who do not have time to wait an hour or more for their manicures to dry. 
  • Hawa Dar polishes are made with only 8 vegan, cruelty free ingredients which are gentle on your nails and allow people with nail ailments to use these polishes with confidence. Yes, you can wear nail polish. 
  • Hawa Dar polishes are odor free and are great for people who have sensitivity to chemical scents and get headaches as soon as they smell a fragrance. So, No Headaches here! I love it too.
  • Hawa Dar polishes are peel-able. Yes, I said it they are peel-able which means you can remove them with soaking them in warm water (be sure to use our basecoat). No harsh removers or cotton pads needed. Happy shopping! 


I invite you to try this exceptional product!  Be Confident. Be Creative. Be You!